No matter what we may know, it is the client that continues to teach us about healing!

What our Clients are saying…

Words cannot begin to describe how amazing Rebecca is. I have been seeing her now for almost 5 years and I can honestly say she improves my quality of life! She has an enormous amount of knowledge of the body’s muscles and how they are effect one another and I can honestly say there has not been 1 ache or pain in the past five years that she has not been able to fully treat! If you have any aches or body pains or just feel like you’re always tired YOU HAVE to see Rebecca. One visit and you’ll know what I am talking about!

– Amin A.

I received an excellent massage from Rebecca. Her knowledge of muscles and their insertions was impressive. More importantly, I felt great afterwards. This was the best massage I have ever received.

– Thomas S.

I have been a client of Body Work for Life for 3 years and highly recommend it for anyone who knows – or doesn’t know yet what their body is trying to tell them.

Rebecca takes the time to know her clients and quickly understands their issues, with a very careful initial interview, but also with an exceptional ability to see, feel and treat the underlying causes of neuro-muscular stress we all walk around with – sometimes for years without knowing it.

Rebecca’s treatment range from excellent to miraculous. She deserves an A+++ rating!

– Stu P.

Rebecca is by far the best massage therapist that I have ever received massage therapy from. My husband has been seeing Rebecca for a couple of years. He was involved in a car accident that left him suffering from severe neck pain. The work that Rebecca has done on my husband’s neck has decreased his pain dramatically. He can now enjoy his pre-accident activities (golf and basketball) without pain. Additionally, I have a high stress job that leaves my neck and shoulders sore from the tension I store there. I look forward to seeing Rebecca every two weeks to help relieve this tension. I used to view massage therapy as a luxury but now that I have experienced the benefits that Rebecca’s work provides, I believe it is a necessity to maintain and promote my overall health and happiness.

– Jennifer S.

Rebecca is a true healer with her deep tissue message. She has done several types of message with me and they are all fantastic. But for me it’s the deep tissue message that helps keep me going. I am a producer of photography and film and we carry lot’s of heavy lighting cases etc. My lower back has gone out several times in the past and each time Rebecca goes in and makes it all better. I would highly recommend Rebecca to any of my family or friends. Her knowledge of the body in conjunction to how she works has really helped keep my body functioning to the best of it’s ability. truly,

– Victor S.

Rebecca genuinely cares for her clients. Her intake process was very thorough, not just a paper form but a discussion and evaluation of how my body was obviously affected by it’s response to injury. It was obvious that she wasn’t jumping to conclusions but giving careful attention to all that my body was telling her in order to comprehend the areas where muscle tissue most needed her attention. She then asked me to prioritize these treatment areas and then began explaining how the muscles should work together and how some of my muscles have come to over compensate for injuries incurred by their partner muscles. She is obviously very knowledgeable and patient. At NO time did I feel that we were in a rush or that any of my concerns were trivial. I really wish that most doctors could and would have this attitude toward each visit I have with them.

Her home, where she provides treatment, is very welcoming and comfortable. Her work area is very relaxing, unquestionably neat, clean, and sanitary. I can’t imagine an office environment that would feel as relaxing. It gave me the sense that I was having a private retreat in a luxurious setting. Mild relaxing aromatherapy throughout her home’s “public” areas added to the relaxing feel of the entire experience.

Once it was time for actual treatment to begin Rebecca showed me to her treatment area and explained what I could expect and how she communicated with the patient so that we would be working together to achieve relief.

The entire experience demonstrated how invested Rebecca is in my complete health, not just an isolated factor. 5 stars is just not a high enough rating to express my satisfaction or my recommendation. She’s worth every penny of the fee she earns and I’ll be talking to everyone, whether friend or stranger, about the pleasing experience and benefits of her services.

– Janelle C.

Rebecca is absolutely amazing! I have been experiencing neck, shoulder, and lower back pain for some time. Since seeing Rebecca its pretty much non existent, she is the real deal!

– Chris L.

I have received massages in famous resorts and have been able to experience great massages.  Rebecca with Bodywork4Life understands every muscle and will work any muscle to help it work on healing.  I will never have a fluffy massage after experiencing Rebecca’s real massage and what it does for your body.  My wife and I both agree she is the best and I have not met anyone who knows more about muscles and how they work then Rebecca.

We went to her studio and enjoyed the massages.  She is worth every penny you pay plus I forgot to mention she gave a killer first time discounted offer to experience how good she is.

My second time I saw her was after walking for 20 miles in some new shoes in DC and my ankle was swollen and she took the time to help it heal quickly. With the damage, what would of taken a few months to feel better she had it feeling better within days.

– Glenn D.

I got a last minute appointment with Rebecca after a week of horrible back pain. As it is, I suffer from chronic pain which goes into flair-up mode on a regular basis. This was one of those times. Rebecca took really good care of me and took the time to figure out the areas that were causing the worst of the trouble. She knows human anatomy REALLY well. I am going in again to see Rebecca tomorrow, a week after my first appt, to continue working on getting my pain levels down.

Whether you need just a relaxing massage treatment or a more serious medical massage I highly recommend Rebecca. She’s great!

– Maison J.

I have had my second visit with Rebecca and  very pleased with the results. Rebecca will ask the probing question to find the trouble areas. The area that hurts isn’t always where you correct the problem. With Rebecca’s knowledge of the human body and how muscles and nerves work she knows what trigger points to push, how long and how often.. It’s amazing how well you feel after the session and how you continue to feel even better after 24 to 48 hours later. If you want to feel better contact  Rebecca and feel the relief.

– Doug S.